About Us

Hello all!

Just a quick low down on who we are and what our blog is about.

I’m not a newbie to all things BLog, but I decided after having some pretty strange problems decided to do a totally and rather shiny new blog.


I’m Catwoman, just turned 30 and it’s all change for me at the moment. I’ve just applied after being on the same career path for 12 years to go back to University and hopefully become a Primary School teacher. So there will be loads of posts from me about returning to full time learning again. I’m also an active member of my kids’ PTA and I will be posting ideas and tips on how to make that precious money for the school.

In my spare time I have just go into the hobby of Wildlife photgraphy after getting a new camera for my birthday I always have it in my handbag.

I also love to read and I always have my head in a book or my Kindle. I especially read Crime, Thriller, Science Fiction and Fantasy along with Non Fiction especially the subject of science.

I’ve also along with my friend started up a forum about all things geek, including news about Comic Cons around the world and Tv and Film. Some of my reviews will also be on that site.  http://talkinggeekonline.com/index.php


Jonafang is 10 years old and is a huge Sci fi and fantasy fan. He is a huge Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter fan. He spends most of free time on his laptop playing Minecraft. If he’s not doing that his either paining his Warhammer figures or watching Movies. He also has a keen interest in photography, Science experiments and riding on his scooter at skate parks. Jonafang is dyslexic so many listens to audio books instead of reading normal books. He is also a avid reader and Documentary Watcher.


Kenobi is 8 years old and he has two main passions. Star Wars and Manchester United. He loves riding his scooter, playing on his Xbox and his 3DS. He loves HArry Potter and Lego and Monsters.

If you are a company who would like us to review for you please get in touch: thegeekfamily@rocketmail.com


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