PTA Charity Fundraising ideas: Book stall in Co-operative supermarket

In these difficult times it’s hard to raise funds for your charity or your school, which means we have to try and find different avenues to go down to try and find money. Last year I was pretty active in my kids school and was a member of the PTA. Unfortunately due to starting the process of teacher training I’m not going to be able to do so much but I thought I would give some other people ideas on how they could raise money.

This was the best of all the ideas so far and was actually by chance. I have to be careful not to name locations and people and establishments due to the wishes of some people but I will give enough information to help you out.

At our school we are raising funds for our new garden. A garden which was in the process of just starting. I went to my local Co-operative superstore who I heard had links with helping the local community especially projects that included gardening, healthy eating and food produce. Horrah! After a long conversation and a rahter passionate plea from me we had a brainstorming session at the end one of the ideas was to have a book stall in his store.

The book stall is at the front of the store and is in a prime location.  It’s just as you walk through the enterance. The table was supplied by the Co-op as was the charity buckets. The buckets are specifically for fund raising so no looking at all the money inside, and with a bike lock it’s really secure.

Because it is a charity and because it’s in a store it is on a ‘Suggested’ donation scheme. We asked for £1 adult books and 50p childs book. We do not constantly man the stall, and I’m sure some people don’t donate exactly the amount but I have been there when people have added more A LOT more.  Through the months of mid June to  early Sept we had raised over 1000 pounds!!!!!

We ask for donations for books on a regular basis through the school newsletter, where it states that books can be handed into school on just put on the book stall (We left a clear tub  so customers could donate their books) We founded that also by word of mouth and with regular ‘customers’ we also had third party donations. Also with the fantastic help of the Co-op manager he was able to get a steady flow of donations from the staff who also check the book stall and keep it tidy when us busy parents don’t have the time to come up.

We count the money on a regular basis on either a weekly or every fortnight depending again on the kids.

I would recommend going to your local co-op and asking if they will do the same. Anymore information please do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will give as much information and help as I can.

**Pictures coming soon****

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