Catwoman’s Book Review: The Chemistry of Death – Simon Beckett

Rating 9 out of 10


Finding refuge in a quiet rural backwater, Dr David Hunter hoped he might at last have put the past behind him. But then they found what was left of Sally Palmer…

It isn’t just that she was a friend that disturbs him. Once he’d been a high-profile forensic anthropologist and all too familiar with the many faces of death, before tragedy made him abandon this previous life. Now the police want his help. But to become involved will stir up memories he’s long tried to forget. Then a second woman disappears, plunging the close-knit community into a maelstrom of fear and paranoia. And no one, not even Hunter, is exempt from suspicion.

Gruesome and gripping, this startling new British crime thriller has an unnerving and original twist.

My Review:

I’ve been reading Crime books for as long as I can remember, and I always find that if I have a disappearing mojo then I always go to my bookshelf and pick up a crime book. I always get excited when I find a new author that I can get absorbed with and this author will be one of them.

What a little Gem.

I’ve been finding lately that with some of the books that I have been reading the characters have been rather one dimensional. I’ve been struggling to find myself being one with a book. This book I felt like I was one of the villagers set in the book.  Hunter was a fantastic main character and there were some other minor characters who also had some lovely characteristics. Just like you would find in your local village. The storyline had many twists and turns and I found myself with more suspects than an a Christie novel. But don’t get me wrong, even with many characters and a village few of interwoven storylines, not once did I get lost, confused or a little hazy. Beckett wrote the book with perfection.

It had all the attributes of a good solid Crime novel. Why did I not give it a ten out of ten. Maybe because I have read better books. But just, only just and this was his debut novel.

I am so excited to read the next one!

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