Our days out: Crealy “Devon’s Great Adventure Park

Please note that we went to Crealy on Sunday 22nd July 2012. So things may have changed since then!


The kids came home on the last day of term with a copy of Primary Times with a voucher for an offer for every person for £5, which in our eyes was a fantastic offer all round! We have been to Crealy for many years and love it more than some of the other adventure parks and family days out in the area. But we haven’t been for a couple years and we had heard that it had changed quite a bit, so this gave us an excuse to find out!

Lucky for us when we went it was sooo hot and sunny and perfect weather for a fun day out and a fab start to our Summer Holiday.

We arrived to what can only be described as a warm and enthusiastic welcome! With loud speakers, balloon making and some very friendly staff giving us details on the five pound offer.

Because of the super offer the gates were busy yet the long cues were quickly dealt with and we were inside the park very quickly. The people in the paying in kiosk were friendly polite and full of information about the events happening and the times.

We entered the park and yet again we were confronted with what could only be described as a party atmosphere, with the soundtrack to Pirates of the Carribbean sounding out of the park tannoys. We studied the free map that was given to us and already we had a list of places we wanted to go, some old family favourites and some new. First off the boys wanted to go on the Pirate Ship as they are huge Pirates fan. I decided to go on it as my back was a lot better (I tore a muscle in my lower back due to exercise and falling down rollerblading) and also it was good preparation for Florida. Silly me! The height and drop of the ship is not great, nor is the scare factor and smaller than the one at Legoland Windor, yet it is slightly jerky at the top of the swing and due to that I did seem to hurt my back and it did cause me some pain. Something to be aware of when riding the ride. This is however my stupid fault and not that of the park.

After that we decided to have quick cup of coffee and a sit down in the inside park and let the kids run some steam, while I tended to my battered aged ego. We found out that they sell an Unlimited refill cup o flask of coffee or tea. These are a fantastic price and we saved so much money on these. They are those cup flasks that you buy in home ware stores, that are used to keep a mug of coffee warm. They were able to buy at all the kiosks and there was no problem refilling them. I had coffee as the other family members had tea and hot chocolate. I recommend to keep your receipt just in case, and we had little stickers with the date on them also.

The indoor fun park that my kids went in was the bigger and in my view for the slightly older kids, With air blaster guns and padded climbing pieces, bridges and slides, my kids always have fun in them and it’s always hard to get them out. There is also a little kids play climbing wall. Which my youngest, who is now 8, enjoys climbing on. For his age, it’s a fairly easy climb yet lovely for the little ones to pursue.

After some air blasting it was time to take them to another part. The kids had a lovely time in the petting farm checking out all the animals. With loads of places around the exit to be able to wash their hands with antibacterial foam/ gel.  Next stop the VORTEX. Jonafang and his uncle went on this, and they came back buzzing, and was a huge hit with them.

Our favourite is the woodland challenge. We love how the whole family go across shaky bridges and hop, skip and SPLASH over the lake. It’s a wonderful little area of the park that I think is a rather undervalued part of the park.

After the adventures and Myself nearly falling in the water, it was time to head back and figure out what were having for lunch. Normally we make a small picnic up as there are loads of lovely places to eat lunch at Creely but this time we decided to get food there. There are a few places both in and out that are available at the Park all with different prices. There a indoor sit down all you can eat Pizza buffet, an American Diner, a beach bar and where we at was an ‘Oggy Oggy pasty’ Kiosk. It was so lovely that we wanted to just grab some pasties and sit on the grass. The sausage rolls and pasties were filling and tasty and at a very reasonable price too. Which I find is a rarity at times. After our food and because of where we were located teh kids had a long play in the massive outdoor Wild west play fort. They loved this new area. I found it was well made, and a nice extra to the vastly expanding park.  Great for kids of all ages with some great finishing touches great for roleplaying.

I would be here all day if I continued to talk about all the good things at the park. We spent the rest of the day feeding ducks, making sandcastles below the beach bar (Buckets and spades were supplied.) and doing rolly polys on the grass.

The atmosphere never wavered, and the staff we all friendly, kind and helpful and all conversations ended in a smile.

The end of our day ended up with a look in the shop. For a park shop, the toys and gifts were well priced, and because of that we bought some mementoes.

Overall, Crealy is a wonderful adventure park with numerous things to do. It maynot have as many Big rides like other places, but for us that isn’t what we look for, we look for family adventures, fun and laughter and things that we can all do together at the same time and that’s what Crealy offers.

Till next time Crealy!


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