Catwoman’s Book Review: The Halo Effect – M.J. Rose

Rating 7 out of 10

Taken from Goodreads description

Renowned sex therapist Morgan Snow is treating high-class prostitute Cleo Thane. After Cleo delivers a tell-all manuscript to Morgan, she disappears. Now Morgan and Detective Noah Jordain must use the manuscript to catch a killer.


My review:

One word to describe this book?… Enjoyable. I’ve read many a ‘crime’ book that involves serial killers, some shocking some not. This book does have a totally differnt slant to a genre that can very easily get quite stale. Morgan Snow is a Sex Therapist and not a novice sleuth that Jessica Flecter would go out to tea with, yet she does have her own ‘style’ of trying to find a killer and trying to find her missing client. I didnt think that Snow was a fully developed character and I would hope that a little bit of polishing would show in her second book. I did however like Cleo the missing Client. I found that chracter to be fascinating and one I could quite happily read more about.

There was a few issues I had with the book including the constant changing of character perspectives. But that was not a major issue and one that I’m sure would get better on the second book.

I’m not gonna talk about the actual storyline as I want it to be a surprise but it is anenjoyable easy bedtime read.

I have the second in the series ready for me to read.


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