Catwoman Book Review: Criminal – Karin Slaughter

Rating 9 out of 10


The past will always find you A woman is found brutally murdered in a sordid Atlanta apartment Her blood-soaked body bears a startling similarity to a woman found dead almost 40 years earlier Soon Special Agent Will Trent finds himself returning to the home he grew up in And a past that could hold the clue to the killings …

My Review:

Karin Slaughter is one of my favourite authors and I got her début book when it first came out. Wow, it seems so long ago now. Throughout the years she has been able to make me laugh, cry, smile and even make me take a sharp intake a breath more times than I can remember. This book did not let me down. Karin Slaughter at her best.

Now I know one of the people who reads my blog is just starting to read Karin Slaughter’s books and she is on the Grant County Series so I’m going to be careful when mentioning the characters but this book stars two of my favourite characters, Sara Linton and Will Trent. I have a super soft spot for Will Trent and this book delves into Will’s past, which has been dipped to in and out due to his torrid relationship with his ‘wife’. This book answers may of the questions that I have wanted answered since Will first featured in Karin’s books. Because of this I really do recommend reading all her books prior to this book or the book really won’t be as good.

The Will Trent novel is set in Atlanta, Georgia just like the others. Written in two time periods (1974-5 and the present day) I found this not at all hard to keep up and follow. The       1970s storyline focuses on a young Amanda (Will’s boss) and her struggles being a female in a 1970s male dominant Workplace. With that she has a case about a woman who has been raped. All is not what it seems….

Back in the present, Will has been demoted to Airport duty, which he is not happy about, he then finds himself after watching a news report on TV that he is out of the loop on a case which normally Will be working on. Why is Amanda doing this. What is Amanda hiding…And Why?

A Crime book where the characters flourish. Story lines and plots beautifully interwoven to produce a fantastic book. My ownly complaints is that even though Will is the main character in the book I find I missed him being the detective and using his qwerky techniques to solve the case, also yet again Sara Linton has been put back to a sub-character and her brilliant personality has not been able to shine which is why it got the nine and not ten out of ten. However I hope Amanda has more of a role in the next book; which I cannot wait for the ending of Criminal has left me wanting more.

Karin Slaughter you better get the next book out quick!

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